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Game Design, 3D Printing, and STEAM History

šŸŽ® Game Design 101: Dive into a 6-week journey of game design, exploring FPS elements, gameplay mechanics, and sandbox design. Collaborate, prototype, and test your game ideas with classmates.

šŸ–Øļø 3D Printing Dissected: Explore 3D printing over 6 weeks, from mechanical design to creating 3D objects. Learn about different printers, components, and slicing software.

šŸ“š History and Economy of STEAM and Us: Discover the contributions of Black, Hispanic, and Asian inventors in STEAM fields. Engage in interactive classes, exploring pioneers in video games, game design, toy design, and digital arts.

The most engaged student wins $5 daily which can be up to $25 weekly and $150 for the entire courses.

šŸ’°"It PAYS to Pay Attention!"šŸ’ø

When and How?

ā° June 24th - July 26th
Monday thru Friday

Classes Live on Zoom
8am EST - 9am EST

Your Course Professor

Hi, Iā€™m Yinka Alade

With over 15 years of experience in the video game and digital arts industry, Yinka is an award-winning Character Director at Electronic Arts, known for his work on Madden NFL video games. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with Disney, Hasbro, Activision, Pixar and more!

Yinka's mission is to unlock the potential of our youth by turning their passion for games and technology into creative and profitable ventures. At Taayo Tech, he transforms screen time into productive learning, guiding students to create their own video games and tech innovations.

Empower your child with Yinka Alade at Taayo Tech and turn their love for gaming into a bright future. Ready to take your learning to the next level? šŸš€

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